Top 8 Side Hustle Ideas for 2020

Top Side Hustles to Make an Extra $1,000 per Month in 2020

Below are the top eight ways people are making money on side-hustles for 2020. If you could use $1,000 extra dollars in your pocket every month to help pay the bills you might want to consider one of the following opportunities!

Facebook business advertising

Running ads on Facebook for small businesses can be very lucrative and a great way to make some extra cash. Plenty of small businesses are looking for a way to easily boost their online presence and get in on the digital advertising action. These companies generally don’t have a lot of employees and don’t specialize in online advertising. This allows you to provide that service for them. The upsides to this are unlimited as you are driving new business for them which means you can usually take part in profit sharing from your work.

The goal would be to promote their digital marketing with Facebook. That means driving traffic to their sites. You do this by finding and acquiring customers, creating ads and posting them, and managing customer relationships. If you do this well, you could easily make thousands of dollars a month once you get a few customers. The best thing is that fact that it doesn’t require too much time, maybe a couple of hours per week.

Online editing

From academic to professional writing, there is a strong demand for editors. If you have an eye for proper grammar and language rules, then this might be for you. You would be surprised just how many professional writers either don’t write concisely or don’t have a handle on basic writing standards. Proofreaders like you can make good money by putting the finishing touches on content for websites, blogs, articles, and much more. Similar to digital advertising, this only requires a few hours a week to get started and pays well.

Be a dog walker

This might seem too simple, but you wouldn’t believe how many pet owners either need a regular dog walker or pet-sitter. Animal ownership has exploded across the country in the past few years which has opened up a market for pet services. Dogs have regular needs for care while their owners are either away, at work or just would rather pay someone to do it. If you can find a few neighbors or people in your area that have regular dog walking needs, see if you can fit these into your schedule. Tt is a great way to have a regular supplemental income. There are websites out there that help pair walkers with owners to make it all extremely easy. If you love pets and have some down time this could be great for you!

Become a rideshare driver

This wouldn’t be a side-hustle article if we didn’t walk about driving for a ridesharing company like Uber or Lyft. There are well-known benefits to becoming a driver for one of these companies. You can determine your schedule, get to meet lots of new people, and can make pretty decent money. Being a driver is not for everyone, but it is worth looking into if you are open to it.


Freelancing is the ultimate entrepreneurial side-gig. The great thing is about freelancing is you can pretty much sell any marketable skill you have. That could be anything from graphic design, writing, accounting, coding, photo editing, etc. If you can name it, you can do it as a service for people.

Today, most freelancing can be done digitally which is nice. That makes freelancing even more flexible than ever. If you are not sure where to start, there are several websites like Freelancer and Upwork where people can request job needs that you can fill. This would a great place to find work as a start. Hopefully from there you can create your website and market directly to your clients.

Turn your car into a rental

Have you ever rented an Airbnb or put your place up for rent on Airbnb before? The same concept applies to your car and there are apps you can easily use to do this like Turo. The concept is simple, when you are not using your car, make money off of it by renting it to other people to use. You can choose who rents and when you rent as well. Groups like Turo also offer liability insurance you would need.

Be a tutor

There are millions of students who are transitioning to online learning across the country right now. That means they are not getting the in-classroom support some students need to stay on top of their curriculum. If you have expertise in a certain subject or enjoy teaching younger kids concepts in math, writing, science, and history, tutoring could be a great option for you. The parents of children are willing to pay top-dollar for tutors that can help their kid through school and get ahead. Tutoring can be for any grade and any level.

Sell your crafts online

Etsy and Shopify are just two of several online marketplaces you can use to sell your goods. If you can create unique crafts this would be an excellent opportunity to sell them. These sites are well known because millions of people buy from individual sellers like you every day. They don’t just help buyers find your goods and sell them but help you market to them and enable you to customize your web page as well. Simply put, they take the hassle out of selling so you can focus on creating awesome crafts to sell.

Bottom line

When it comes to side hustles you have to do whatever works best for your schedule and skill set. There are many options but only you know what you would be good at and enjoy. If you are out of work, between jobs, or just looking to make a little extra cash, make 2020 the year you become an entrepreneur and show just how creative you can be.