Nine productive summer activities

With summer upon us, I am sure you are wondering how you can take advantage of the time ahead. In the reality we all live in, it would be easy to just stay inside and watch Netflix the next few months but just because there are restrictions in place and school is out, doesn’t mean you can’t make this the most productive summer you’ve ever had!

We have outlined a dozen items you can do to make your summer fun, engaging, and educational. Life is all about progression and this is how you can make your life the most productive it can be.

1. Get a job

Lots of people are struggling to find work right now, so understandably this isn’t an easy one. However, there is still a lot of seasonal employment that can be found in the summer. Even if it is just a short-term job, getting professional experience and making money is always a good idea. Also, if you are trying to get career experience in a specific field, summer internships are perfect for kids in high-school, college, or anyone just looking to get ahead. Some internships are paid, and some are not but they are all productive. Take a look at what your career goals are, see what experience you need, and then go after it with everything you have.

2. Workout

When the sun is out, and everyone is outside having fun it is easier to be motivated to get your body in shape. You don’t have to go to the gym to work out, you can always run or participate in sports. There are community sports leagues that pop up in the summer which you can easily join with your friends. Not everyone has access to pools, but the summertime is the best time to get into swimming as hundreds of community pools open all over the country as well. Just remember, when you work out your body creates endorphins, and endorphins make you a happier healthy person. So, get out and have a fun active summer!

3.  Be a writer

Writing is a life skill. The ability to put thoughts onto paper and articulate them is always going to help with extra pay. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional writer or not, we all write (or type) all the time. People think of writing as a chore that goes along with having to write papers and essays for school, but it doesn’t have to be. Write about whatever you want. Write poetry, or a journal, or maybe write about your life. You could even write an article about a topic and post it to writing sharing sites like Medium. It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you want to do, just do it. The more you write the better you get and the more natural it will feel. Don’t worry about structure, grammar, or syntax. That will all come in due time, just let the words flow.

4. Read

If writing is a release, reading is an escape. You can explore faraway lands and experience new adventures in books. Everyone should read occasionally for pleasure. Reading exercises your brain, improves your vocabulary, opens your mind to new perspectives, and can even help your writing skills. Plus, a good book is always enjoyable! Any book you love is worth spending a few hours curled up outside in the shade. Just find something you love and get started.

5. Learn about a new topic

From Masterclass to Brainscape, there are many online resources where you can go take a course covering just about anything. Develop a new skill or learn about a topic you find interesting. You could get into coding or maybe dive into Roman History. Knowledge is power and the more you feed your mind’s curiosity the more you will expand your intellect and expertise. When you feel bored and tempted to turn on some brain-dead show on Netflix, instead go watch an educational Youtube video or something more worth your time.

6. Volunteer

There is no better feeling than doing something nice for someone else. There thousands of non-profit, mission-driven organizations that could use your help. Volunteering doesn’t mean you have to devote tons of regular time either. Maybe go work at a soup kitchen one afternoon. Or maybe call up your local library and volunteer to read to kids. Pick something that interests you and that you would enjoy. The opportunities you have to be involved in your community and give back are endless.

7. Take an adventure

Summer is the season for exploration! Find a cheap flight or take that road trip you have always wanted to do. Traveling and adventuring with your friends and family is the best way to make memories and have fun. Go someplace you’ve never been before and experience a new area and educate yourself about its history. Whether you go to a new country, state, or national park, it doesn’t have to be an expensive trip. Just go somewhere new!

8. Organize your house and room

A clean home is a happy home. When the weather is nice, and everyone is doing projects around the house it is a great time to do a little cleaning. Get rid of the old junk you don’t need and simplify your life. If you have a lot of junk to get rid of maybe throw a garage sale and make some extra cash. You will be much more productive and happier when you have a clean organized house. If you want to go a step further maybe try something new and re-arrange the furniture or paint a room a new color. Be creative and have fun with it!

9. Family time

The summer is the time when school is out, work is usually a little less busy, and you have time to spend with your loved ones. Take advantage of it! Whatever you do this summer, do it together and connect with your family. You’ll be thankful you did.

Take advantage

You don’t have to do all of the items on this list to have a productive summer. However, they are a good guide and a starting point of ideas to run with. The important thing is having the right attitude about making the most of your time. When the fall comes, and summer comes to a close you’ll be happy to take a look back and say it was the most productive summer you ever had!